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QuickFilter 1.0 Demo version is available for download!


QuickFilter 1.0 is a synthesis and design software for most commonly used distributed filter types including both planar and cavity filters.

QuickFilter is an interactive filter design software to let RF engineer design a commonly used filter type in minutes. Filter frequency response, dimension and layout can all be provided at the same time. Filters of lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandstop without transmission zeros can be designed. Microstrip, Stripline, Coaxial and waveguide filters can be directly synthesized and designed.


FilResearch's flagship product FilSynth 2.0 is designed for RF engineers to perform the microwave filter, multiplexer design from the initial requirement to final electrical parameters and design report through streamline pole-zero analysis, synthesis and analysis by simply just clicks of the computer mouse. FilSynth can handle all types of passive microwave filter designs with essentially no limitation, including bandpass filter, bandstop filter, lowpass filter and highpass filter.

FilSynth 2.0 can synthesis and design of multiple filters and multiplexers including Individual filter, Star type multiplexer, Common resonator type multiplexer, Manifold type multiplexer, Shunt connected multi-band filters and Cascaded filters. Individual filters can be directly synthesized, while the multiplexer design is achieved by pole-zero approximation and optimizations.

FilSynth includes the accurate frequency responses of the designed filter due to the finite unloaded Q effects at pole-zero approximation phase. Therefore designers will never need to go back and forth between synthesis and pole-zero analysis tasks again during the product design. For bandpass filters design, FilSynth provides the advanced N+2 coupling matrix configurations. The coupling matrix of the designed filter of the desired topology can be obtained instantly by synthesis window. The notches of the bandstop filter can be placed freely within the stopband, and the design parameters including coupling and transmission lengths are synthesized analytically. Lowpass and highpass filters are in standard ladder network type and the design parameters are provided in commonly used L, C type so that they can be  realized by different type chosen by designer. 


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